Whether it’s a pale ash or a warm oak, a Shaker style or something more traditional. A kitchen crafted from wood will bring a feeling of luxury to your space. Wood is timeless and although the styles may change with the fashions, the beauty of wood never seems to fall out of vogue.

To explore a selection of some of our previous wooden kitchens and learn more about the differences in their characteristics. 

uniquely Individual


The painted kitchen has become one of the most popular choices in recent years and its versatility is one of the main reasons why.

It can suit the traditional or modern space and with a bespoke painted Kitchen you have the chance to create a truly unique design. Colour choices are limitless and you can combine cabinets and doors in various shades and finishes along with accents of natural wood. The only difficulty you’ll find is trying to decide.

sleek and stylish


Sleek smooth finishes and clean lines create a contemporary space. Make an appointment at our showroom and we can talk you through the extensive selection of worktop finishes and quirky details that can really bring a unique and modern look to your kitchen.